A Parent of 12months old baby

“Thank you so much, Riddhi for your guidance and help! 🙂 I’m really happy that we decided to take the session. It really helped me to calm my stress and anxiety over her mealtimes and menu. Thought BLW was not a new concept for us and we tried to practice it as much as possible since the beginning, the stress of not understanding if she’s eating enough or no, how much is enough for her age? If she’s hungry after the meal, what is best to do etc. – the stress over all these questions was making it hard to make good and right decisions in that particular mealtime moment. So it was very helpful to have someone with a “cold” mind, who is not clouded by emotions to just simply tell us what to do With the tips and tricks you gave us+ your explanations I’m now calm and confident in myself that I can do a god job in feeding my child in a healthy way. :)”